For those of you who are following me from OUTSET since it shutdown operations, I am thrilled to finally reveal what comes next. For those who are finding us for the first time, I am thrilled to have you!

Two years ago, I started a podcast on the OUTSET Network called MilLiberty. It grew beyond anything I could have hoped and more. Since OUTSET’s closure, I have been building a new home for liberty. This is your first look at what that.

First and foremost – This site will serve as a place for people to contribute, ideas to flourish, and give liberty a clear and consistent message for everyone to understand. My podcast will be continuing on this site, and further down the line we will be expanding our podcast department. We will also provide you with quality Senior Contributors to cover a plethora of issues, from the judiciary, to criminal justice, to privacy, and more. If you have a piece of contribution you would like to provide for MilLiberty.com, we will also accept quality and thoughtful submissions from anyone interested. 

Additionally – MilLiberty.com will be THE place to find out about developments made by our parent organization, The MilLiberty Initiative.

The MilLiberty Initiative is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the proper communication of the ideas of liberty and teaching individuals how to put action behind them. This will be done through market-based advocacy projects, legislative initiatives, innovative activism, and so much more. In the coming months, we will be rolling out our first major project that will be putting a large part of our focus on.

When I started my podcast in September 2016, I had a primary objective of creating a community of liberty lovers who are ready and willing to to apply action to the ideas we believe. At that time the only way I knew how was to start having conversations. Both with you as an audience, and with my guests. Now, this is the next big step. We are going to build a better community and a better world directly because of the work we are doing at The MilLiberty Initiative and through MilLiberty.com.

That is the road ahead of us, and I look forward to having you join me and my team on this incredible journey.

In Liberty,

Caleb Franz

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