Meet Our Staff


Caleb Franz

Executive Director

Caleb Franz is the Founder and Executive Director of The MilLiberty Initiative. Before founding the organization, Caleb served as the Head Media Producer at OUTSET Network. It was at OUTSET that he started the MilLiberty Podcast, which inspired the creation of the organization. Now, in addition to leading The MilLiberty Initiative, he continues to produce his show on With over 140 weekly podcast episodes, and having hosted the likes of John Stossel, Matt Kibbe, Dave Rubin, and many more, the show continues to make its mark within the movement. In the past, Caleb has also worked with several liberty minded nonprofits, appearing on and guest hosting radio programs, and providing editorial contributions. He is also a veteran of the U.S. Army.


Mike Yelovich

Managing Director

Mike Yelovich is the Managing Director of The MilLiberty Initiative. He is a conservative political strategist, researcher and commentator from Chicago, IL. Before joining The MilLiberty Initiative, Mike was the Digital Director for the American Conservation Coalition and the Vice President of the Log Cabin Republicans of Illinois. Mike has led and advised several nonprofits across the United States and has been a consultant for local and national campaigns. He graduated from Marist College in New York, where he majored in Political Science and Business. Mike served in several leadership positions on campus and is an inducted member of the National Society of Leadership and Success.


Caleb Wayne Hudson

Policy Director

Caleb Wayne Hudson is the Director of Policy of The MilLiberty Initiative. He is currently a Policy Analyst, County Commissioner, Arbitrator, works in higher education and member of the liberty movement since his deployment to Afghanistan in 2011 as an Infantrymen in the U.S. Army, where he earned his Combat Infantryman’s Badge. Caleb is from West Virginia, originally from the Charleston area but now resides in the Eastern Panhandle. He graduated from Shepherd University with a degree in Political Science, where he was a member of Pi Sigma Alpha, as well as participated in an internship at the State Legislature. Lastly, Caleb’s experience in being a leader throughout his life in tough situations also helps those around him succeed in their objectives.

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Alex Haney

Editor-in-Chief ~

Alex Haney is the Editor-in-Chief for at MLI. He has been an active member of the liberty movement since 2013. He has worked with the Center on National Labor Policy fighting for the rights of individual employees, Americans for Prosperity as a field director, and various other liberty-minded groups in different ways.