Since July, The MilLiberty Initiative has been searching for those individuals who go above and beyond in reforming the criminal justice system. Through our first annual Second Chance Trailblazers Award, we have received nominations for the categories of Activism, Media, Legislation, and Business. Now, after much discussion concerning several qualified candidates, we are happy to present to you the recipients of this year’s award!

Activism – Hannah Cox:

Hannah Cox is the National Manager of Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty, a network of conservatives and libertarians who are elevating the problems with capital punishment in states across the country. She is also a Newsmax Insider where she writes about the failings of the criminal justice system at her column, Life and Liberty.

Media – Molly Davis:

Molly is a policy analyst specializing in criminal justice reform at Libertas Institute, a Utah think tank. She is a writer for Young Voices Advocates and the recipient of their 2019 award for excellence in advocacy. She is also a contributor to The Federalist. Molly’s writing has been featured in various news outlets including The Hill, Wired, Orange County Register, Washington Examiner, and more.

Legislation – Michael Rulli:

Ohio State Senator Michael Rulli is serving his first term in the Ohio Senate, representing the 33rd Senate District, which includes all of Columbiana and Mahoning counties. He recently sponsored SB 160, which would provide mechanism and make it easier to expunge old criminal convictions in most cases.

Business – Brandon Chrostowski:

Brandon Edwin Chrostowski founded in 2007 EDWINS Leadership & Restaurant Institute, a free 6-month culinary arts program in Cleveland, Ohio that caters to men and women recently released from prison. In 2013, EDWINS Restaurant, featuring classic French cuisine and 50 formerly incarcerated students, opened to rave reviews and has been changing lives ever since.

As many of you likely already know, MLI is completely committed to reforming our justice system and bringing about real cultural change on this issue. Programs such as the Reintegration Project showcase not only our commitment to CRJ, but also our belief in the power of the marketplace to solve these important problems we face.

However, we can’t achieve this alone. That is why we wanted to recognize the important achievements these recipients have worked on and honor their dedication to the cause. Through the diligence of individuals who work as hard as our award winners, we will achieve meaningful justice reform sooner than later.

To read their entire bio, as well as a Q&A with each recipient, please click here!

The Second Chance Trailblazers Award will return in summer of 2020. In the meantime, get your nominations prepared!

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