The Reintegration Project is an advocacy program hosted by The MilLiberty Initiative. It is a market-based solution to help fix our broken criminal justice system.

Our current justice system all but ensures people who went to prison over a non-violent crime will return due to the felony on their record preventing them from getting a job. Because they cannot get a job, most will return to the lifestyle that sent them there in the first place, and the cycle continues.

The Reintegration Project will seek to break this cycle by working with businesses all across the country to commit to hiring nonviolent offenders so they can get their life back on track. There will be three primary areas we will be focusing on to make this program a success:

  • Not all businesses can take on a substantial increase in their workforce due to financial limitations. This is why the minimum we will ask of workplaces will be to take our “Pledge of Reintegration.” This states that anyone taking the pledge will not restrict employment just based on nonviolent offenses alone. Rather, they will be hired or fired solely based on their qualifications and work ethic. After it is signed, it should be hung in their workplace for all to see.
  • For larger businesses that can do more, The MilLiberty Initiative will work with them on putting together a plan to bring on a percentage of nonviolent offenders into their workforce. This plan will be catered to each business in a way that makes sense for both parties.
  • Finally, all businesses will be on included on a growing list of workplaces committed to do their part to reintegrate. The MilLiberty Initiative will use this list to convince more businesses to commit to pledge and will be used to gage the success of the program across the country.

There is no business too big or too small to work on this program with us.

If anyone would like to take the pledge, please fill out the form below, or email for more information.