Disclaimer: The following scorecard is not an endorsement of any representative by The MilLiberty Initiative. This is merely an overall grade of how they have voted while in Congress.

The MilLiberty Initiative has created a scorecard in order to provide the most reliable and comprehensive grading of United States legislators from a liberty perspective by congressional session. This scorecard will be periodically updated until the end of this Congress. 

Votes will be measured by:

Governmental Fiscal Responsibility: Legislation that cuts spending, lowers the debt, and/or passes a budget will be scored in the positive. Legislation that authorizes debt spending, printing/digitizing, raising the debt ceiling, and/or a continuing resolution or omnibus will receive a negative score.

The United States Economy: Legislation that lowers or eliminates taxes, removes burdensome regulations to conducting business both domestically and internationally will be scored in the positive. Legislation that promotes the bailout of private business or central planning will be scored in the negative.

Criminal Justice: Legislation that promotes rehabilitation over incarceration, the reintegration of prior offenders, promotes proper representation and ending the war on drugs will be scored in the positive. Legislation that makes peaceful actions criminal will be scored in the negative.

Civil Liberty and Rights: Legislation that promotes the end of warrantless surveillance, demilitarization of police, concludes civil asset forfeiture, ending the draft and protects private property rights will be scored in the positive. Legislation that infringes on the second amendment, free speech, and religious freedom shall be scored in the negative. 

Foreign Policy: Legislation that ends unconstitutional wars, cuts waste in defense spending, disbandment of expeditionary forces abroad, encouraging multilateral diplomacy and stepping in when any president is working contra to the United States’ bests interests will be scored in the positive. 

Federalism: Legislation that promotes federalism, the 10th amendment, or the Constitution’s enumerated, and implied powers will be scored in the positive.