Caleb Franz

Caleb is the Founder and Executive Director of The MilLiberty Initiative. Before founding the organization, Caleb served as the Head Media Producer at OUTSET Network. It was at OUTSET that he started his podcast, MilLiberty, that inspired this organization. Now, in addition to leading The MilLiberty Initiative, he has moved his show on where he continues to tackle important issues and interview high profile guests within the movement. Caleb also has a history in working with several liberty minded nonprofits, appearing on and guest hosting radio programs, and providing editorial contributions.


Michelle Ray

Michelle Ray brings more than a decade of networking, marketing, and social media wizardry and a love of the crypto economy with her as a Board Member for The MilLiberty Initiative.

In addition to being a mom to four children and owning her own marking and media company, she serves the role of Director of Communications for, has worked on national grassroots advocacy marketing campaigns, co-founded a startup designed to improve upon existing grassroots communication tools and moving civic engagement beyond social media, and presented at conferences on effective social media use and introduction to cryptocurrencies.

Michelle spent 15 years in the tech industry and bills herself as a privacy advocate, crypto enthusiast, and tirelessly advocates for both.


Brent Hamachek

Brent has a diverse background which features business consulting, professional speaking, and authorship.  He is perhaps best known for his 2016 co-authorship of the book titled “Time for a Turning Point - Setting a course toward free markets and first principles for future generations” which he wrote with TPUSA founder, Charlie Kirk.  He also authored six cornerstone pieces of literature for TPUSA that helped set the group’s intellectual foundation.  Brent has lectured and presented at various venues across the United States including business conventions, academic conferences, and at the United Nations where he addressed the issue of men and women in the workplace.

Brent founded his full-service business consulting practice, Segueway, in early 2000 after spending 15 years in the commercial banking industry.  Since then he has worked on over 160 engagements in approximately 70 different industries. Segueway works with privately owned companies all stages of the business life cycle, and on the revenue, cost, and balance sheets sides of the business.  Outside of traditional business, Brent has worked behind the scenes as a political consultant and content creator. In addition to his work with The MilLiberty Initiative, Brent is also involved with the Illinois Small Business Advisory Council, the Illinois Chapter of the National Customer Service Association, True Mentors, and the Veterans’ Wellness Alliance in Houston, Texas.

He is a 1984 Magna Cum Laude graduate of Lake Superior State University with a BS in Finance and Economics.  He also has a Graduate Degree in Banking from the Graduate School of Banking at the University of Wisconsin. He has studied Catholic Theology at the Master’s level at Loyola University-Chicago.