Defending Liberty for a New Generation

The MilLiberty Initiative is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the proper communication of the ideas and principles of liberty. As we communicate these ideas, we are working to bring them forward in new and innovative ways and teaching people how to put action behind them. Our efforts include:

  • Advocacy – Advancing liberty through the legislature, the culture, and the marketplace
  • Communication Teaching people what liberty means and how to translate that message to fellow members of their community
  • Innovative ActivismOrganizing within our communities to advance human freedom in ways both big and small

The MilLiberty Initiative was founded by Caleb Franz in 2018 because a large portion of the liberty community doesn’t seem to understand how to 1) bring our message to the masses, and 2) make our ideas win in the areas that matter.

George Washington said “Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth.” We have the right message. All we have to do it plant it in the hearts and minds of the people and watch it take off.