On the show this week, Caleb dives into a discussion that he considers to be the most important talk we should be having as a country, both before and after the election. We make the presidential race like some reality TV show, putting so much of an emphasis on the White House. Because we do this, the executive grows as a result and liberty contracts. It is time we refocused and realized that the presidency isn’t as important as we make it – or at least it shouldn’t be.

Our Founding Fathers established a system of federalism as a form of “check” against the Federal government as a whole, but specifically against the executive branch. Election 2016 is an election that is all ready lost in the race for the White House. But the White House isn’t what makes America exceptional. If we begin restoring power to the state and local levels, and more important, begin acting like a free people, it won’t matter who is the president.

Caleb closes out the episode with three big announcements concerning the future of the show that you do not want to miss out on.

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